$4,000 keyboard, for those who like shiny things

You've gotta love it when an electronics manufacturer has the gall to charge an arm and a leg for a version of a product that actually has less features than what generally comes standard. Take this keyboard for instance. Is something missing here? Oh, right, it's any markings whatsoever. Yeah, it's a keyboard in Fujitsu's Happy Hacking line, which don't have letter markings on the keys. But what makes this thing really expensive are the keys themselves, which are hand made and lacquered for your pleasure. The price for this strangeness? About $4,150. So you get fancy keys and you get to impress people with your mad typing skills. Yeah, that seems worth it. Be sure to pick up a 64GB thumb drive while you're out shopping to round off the money you're throwing away to a solid $10,000.

Via Akihabara News