World's smallest cellphone might be a bit too small

Hey, I like tiny phones as much as the next guy, but this is insane. Take a gander at the Xun Chi 138, purported to be the world's smallest cellphone. You won't here any arguments from me on that front; it's freakin' tiny. But the problem is that it's so small there isn't even room for a keypad, forcing you to use the stylus and touchscreen to do any input. Plus, there's the danger that you could accidentally swallow it while making a call. Is a phone this small really that convenient? I think there's a size that you want your phone to be, and once it gets smaller than that it just turns into a gimmick. And the Xun Chi 138 is decidedly a gimmick. Ah well, it isn't one I'll have to see people pinching up against their ears, as it's only coming out in China.

Slashgear, via Oh Gizmo!