Wireless dock streams iPod, PSP to your stereo

With the iPod becoming the main music storage device for many people, there's a big desire to hook the little player up to a bigger stereo system. What's the point of keeping stacks of CDs around when you have your whole music collection in one place? This iDea Wireless Home Dock hooks up both your iPod and your PSP to your home stereo system — no wires necessary. In addition, you can watch video from either on your TV, which is a big improvement over watching stuff on those tiny screens. The quality of the music sent wirelessly should be pretty good as well, as it uses HD-Audio transmitting and supports Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound. Sure, just getting a Y-cable would be a cheaper way to hook your iPod up to a receiver, but if you want a fancy connection to show off your fancy gadgets, this one should fit the bill. It's available online now for $150.

Idea Wow, via Ubergizmo