Wii steering wheel to make you look like a dork

We aren't shy about our excitement for the upcoming Nintendo Wii here at SCI FI Tech. One of the cooler aspects of the console is the fact that different attachments can be stuck onto the controller, such as a gun for the updated Duck Hunt coming out later this year. Ubisoft has just announced that a steering wheel attachment will come for free with their upcoming GT Pro Series game, slated to come out for the holiday season this year. This is sweet. Just imagine how awesome you and your buddies will look, sitting on the couch wildly steering with a wheel in your hand not hooked up to anything. I can't wait to see what other kinds of attachments people dream up for the Wii controller; there certainly are a lot of possibilities there. As usual, we don't know about pricing or the release date for the Wii or its games, but the Nintendo event later this week should hopefully shed some light on those details.

Xataka, via Oh Gizmo!