WetPot ushers in a new era of self-sufficient plants

Now you can take that month long backpacking voyage without worrying that your herb garden will wilt and die in your absence. The folks over at WetPot have created a plant potting system that, quite simply, "allows your plants to take care of themselves." Through the process of capillary attraction, the plants absorb their necessary quota of water through a clay pot covered by a specially formulated glaze. Supposedly, this prevents both under and over-watering, providing a constant source of sustenance. With the clear container, you can also easily monitor the level of available water. It comes in small ($26), medium ($34), and large ($48) sizes, fitting most average sized house plants. If only this invention could be adapted to the serve the needs of small children! The future latch-key mothers and fathers of America could say goodbye to daycare and hello to a romantic day at the track.

WetPot via NOT COT