USB turntable lets you digitize your LPs

While turntables are a decidedly analog, low-tech way to listen to music, that doesn't mean enjoying your warm-sounding vinyl needs to be completely separated from your digital habits. This USB turntable can plug into your stereo for standard record playing and you can also plug it into your computer to digitize, back up, and clean up your records. Since records will degrade over time the more you listen to them, it's a good idea to make backups (although getting clean digital copies from the CD version would be easier). Now this turntable isn't as high quality as some other models designed for insane audiophiles, but it should do the trick if you just want to play your dad's old classic rock LPs. If you already have a turntable you're happy with, there are other solutions for hooking that up to your computer, but if you're looking for a turntable that will play nicely with your computer this one should do the trick. It's available now for $140.

USB Turntable, via Popgadget