uPlus Pen digitizes your writing, no tablet needed

Tablets are a good way to draw on a computer screen, but getting used to writing using a plastic pen on a plastic surface takes some time. This uPlus Pen digitizes your handwriting while actually writing on paper, making it much more intuitive for those of us used to the ol' pen-and-paper system of writing. Unfortunately, you can't use it on any paper, as it requires a special pattern-printed paper with positioning info on it so the pen knows where it is. Someone needs to develop a pen that you can use to take notes, say in class, then bring the pen home, plug it into your computer, and have the notes all digitized for you. What do you say? Let's make this happen. Um, anyway, the uPlus Pen seems to be only available in Korea at the moment, but perhaps it'll swim over here eventually.

Aving, via Ubergizmo