Track your wandering pup, GPS style, with RoamEO

Having your dog run away is a stressful, awful ordeal no one wants to have to go through. We love our pooches, and to think of them getting in harms way is more than a lot of people can bear. Wouldn't it be nice if you could track wherever your dog is if he somehow got out of the yard? The RoamEO is a GPS device that hooks onto your dogs collar so you can see where he is from the included receiver. You can see exactly where Fido has gone, what direction he's moving in, and how fast he's going after that cat. But wait… it only has a one mile range. What happened to the global part of the global positioning system? So that means if your dog heads off on a European vacation, gets taken anywhere in a vehicle, or, you know, runs further than a mile away, this thing is pretty much useless. Well, maybe if you listened to what your dog was saying and was sympathetic to his feelings he wouldn't feel the need to run away. Did you ever think about that? Some people.

RoamEO, via The Raw Feed