The cutest iPod cases this side of Paris

There are loads of iPod cases out there, and not too many of them worth mentioning here on our highly selective blog. These iPod and Macbook covers from French twin sisters Lauren and Paulina Bibi, however, are just too darned adorable for us to pass up. They look kind of like Domo-kun, but more French. They appear to be handmade, and the iPod cases go for $40-$50. The Macbook covers are still in development, but they include cutouts for the trackpad and iSight camera so you won't loose any functionality, although it looks like if you want to plug a mouse or some other USB device you're out of luck. Perhaps that's what the "development" process is fixing. If you want to grab one of the iPod cases shoot the sisters an email and figure out how to get your worthless American dollars into their hands, as they have yet to set up a website.

Via Gearlog