That's no MacBook — it's Sony's Vaio N Series

Just call it the Apple effect: As if in tribute to the Cupertino giant, Sony today released new Vaio notebook computers with colors that look suspiciously MacBook-y. Models in the Vaio N Series come in white, back, and brown (okay that last color was kind of original), showing that Sony is clearly thinking different these days. They're also confusingly described as "home" laptops (huh? Isn't the whole point of a laptop that you can take it out of the home?), apparently because they're "designed to accent your interior design." The Windows Vista-capable machines all feature Intel Core Duo processors and 15.4-inch widescreen displays. Wi-Fi (a, b, and g) is built-in, and the onboard DVD burner will write to any kind of DVD you can think of, so no worries there. And since this is a Sony, you get a Memory Stick port, too. But c'mon, Sony — if you really want to copy Apple, at least include some kind of ersatz iSight camera. You're charging 1,000 bucks, after all.