Taste DJ kitchen concept: spin up a hot meal

The Taste DJ is a pretty crazy kitchen concept from designer Fei Zhu. Designed to make cooking more like spinning records (I guess), it's a countertop with two cooktops, a sink, and a built-in multimedia computer setup. You can spin rings on the outside of the burners that allow you to select ingredients to spray into whatever you're cooking, including salt, pepper, and… MSG? Alrighty. The built-in computer is meant to be used for music, surfing the web for recipes, and talking to people via a "visual phone." It's kind of a neat idea, but I can't see the whole ingredient-spraying cooktop ring thing being all that practical, which seems to be the backbone of the whole DJ concept. However, computers in the kitchen are sure to become more common as they become cheaper and smaller, and who doesn't like cooking to music? I'm sure some of these elements will start showing up in kitchens soon, along with cutting scales and induction stoves, to make all our culinary aspirations if not easier, at least a little flashier.

Via Yanko Design