Sling Media debuts 3 new Slingboxes

Slingbox is a much-loved time shifting device for your TV. It allows you to watch your TV from anywhere that has an Internet connection, including portable devices such as the Motorola Q, at 640 x 480, the same resolution as the new iTunes movie store downloads. It doesn't just stream a few channels — it lets you control your own TV, including your TiVo, on demand, and pay per view, just like if you were at home. Sling Media is releasing three updated Slingboxes today for various types of users, replacing its original single model. First is the Slingbox Tuner, a basic model for people with standard analog cable. If you don't mess with DVR stuff and just want to run some coaxial cable right through your Slingbox, this is the model you want. Next is the Slingbox AV, featuring basic A/V connections, allowing you to hook up a set top box or a DVR unit and control it from afar. Finally, there's the Slingbox Pro, the big daddy of the Slingbox family. It can handle HD devices (though the resolution over the Internet isn't high-def) and has two sets of component inputs, allowing for multiple devices to run through it. All three models hit stores today, with the Tuner and AV models running for $180 and the Pro for $250.