Screaming phone really pisses off petty criminals

Put yourself into the shoes of a cell phone thief for a minute: there you are, minding your own business with a phone you just swiped from someone's bag on the subway, when your hot merchandise suddenly starts screaming like your little sister at Splash Mountain. No buttons will turn the scream off; in fact, the phone is totally locked. Bummer, dude. That's exactly what'll happen if your phone gets stolen after you've installed the Mobile Manager service from Synchronica. Once you realize your phone is missing you can remotely lock it down, protecting your address book, calendar, etc., as well as activate the super-annoying scream feature. Granted, if the thief isn't bright enough to take the battery out there's a good chance the scream will get your phone smashed to little pieces, but if you really want to protect your mom's number from getting into the wrong hands this should do it for you.

Mobile Manager, via Gearlog