Russian 'rocket boots' easiest non-mob related way to get yourself killed in St. Petersburg

There's absolutely no way you'll hurt yourself using these: Russian-made "rocket boots." Created by Ruskie scientist Viktor Gordeyev, the boots consist of a diesel cylinder on each foot that can launch you 13 feet per step at up to 25 miles per hour. They run on diesel fuel, biodiesel, vegtable oil, SVO, or waste vegtable oil, making them the most eco-friendly robot boots around. These things seem so blatantly dangerous, they could really only come from post-Communist Russia. I hope this becomes what the Segway wanted to be here in the States, and you won't be able to walk down a street in Moscow without seeing someone flying down the sidewalk with a pair of rocket boots strapped on. Plus, with the rampant alcoholism in Russia it should make for some pretty sloppy running, albeit drunken rocket booting should be safer than drunk driving. After the jump, a Russian news report on the boots with video footage of them in dangerous, dangerous action.

Cycle Santa Monica, via TechEBlog