Radar-activated speed bumps will make you check yourself before you wreck yourself

If speed traps won't keep people from speeding, maybe the threat of serious damage to their cars will. That's the idea behind Gwyn Harvey's radar-activated speed bump system. If the radars catch you going too fast, speed bumps will rise up from the road ahead, forcing you to either slow down or destroy your suspension. It seems like a logical idea, but you've gotta figure the amount of damage that would cause to vehicles and the number of potential accidents would keep it from ever really being implemented. Drivers wouldn't stand for the chance of having serious damage done to their lowered Civics, and such a system would doubtlessly be insanely expensive to install. So don't worry, lead footed Tesla Roadster drivers: for now, your undercarriage is safe from harm. Check the video post-jump to see the bumps in action.

Left Lane News, via TechEBlog