Philips develops clothing that reacts to wearer's emotions, such as embarrassment

Philips Research has taken their foray into digitally enhanced clothing to a new level, creating garments that react to the emotions of the wearer. This "blushing dress" consists of two layers: an inner layer that detects the wearers emotional state, and an outer layer that reacts with lights and colors. The blushing dress is just one garment developed as part of the SKIN research project, a project setup to try to incorporate more "analog" and organic phenomena into our increasingly digital lifestyle. What all that means is that you won't be able to pick up a blushing dress at Bloomingdale's anytime soon, as it's pretty much just a well-funded art project. Philips is hoping the brainstorming and new ways of thinking will help them come up with new forms of products people will actually buy, like DVD players. Let us know how that goes, guys.

Philips, Via We Make Money Not Art