Personal tattoo-removing laser: A brilliant idea

Let's be honest: that Snakes on a Plane tattoo isn't getting any cooler. Perhaps it's time to think about getting it removed. However, laser tattoo removal seems expensive. If only there was a way to do it yourself and save some money! Well good news, you short sighted geek. A not-at-all-shady company called Shanghai Spread is offering a "Cosmetic Laser System" for personal tattoo removal. According to the website, there's "no pain, no destroy skin," so you have nothing at all to worry about. It's also portable, so you can remove your lower back tattoo while riding the Greyhound bus. There's no price info available on the website, so go ahead and shoot them an email to get your hands on this tattoo removing/cancer causing device.

Shanghai Spread, via Red Ferret