Motorola's vending machines give the hard cell

Vending machines are huge in Japan, dispensing everything from beer to underwear, and it seems Motorola thinks the U.S. is ripe for an invasion by these robot salesmen. Starting in San Francisco and Chicago, Moto's trying out its INSTANTMOTO machines, where you'll be able to pick up snazzy phones like the MOTOKRZR and the ever-lovin' Q without ever talking to another human being (go ahead and take a 5-second irony break for that one). What prompted this? Could be that Moto got a look at the numbers from Sony's U.S. gadget dispensers and saw they were favorable, could be a giant marketing push to target the bored, or it could be just sheer admiration of Japanese culture. In any case, the company has plans to roll out 20 of these babies in airports and malls across America by the end of the year. And, yes, they will take credit cards. I want PayPal!

Motorola, via Engadget Mobile