Logitech's Harmony 1000 touchscreen controller turns on your system, sexes up your coffee table

Oh. My. Here it is, folks — Logitech's latest in the company's line of Harmony remotes, and it's a doozy. The Harmony 1000 is a handheld touchscreen controller, seemingly modeled after ultra-high-end remotes from the likes of Crestron and AMX, and it takes the top spot in the line. Its 3.5-inch touchscreen features the same activity-based menu and easy Internet setup — not to mention slick, modern styling — that Harmony's known for. Gizmodo also reports the 1000 will include Z-Wave technology, which means it's capable of controlling not just your home theater but your lights, curtains, washing machine — anything in your house, really, provided it's hooked up to a home-automation system. If you don't have one, you may want to settle for the Harmony 880, since it would be hard to justify spending the $500 on the 1000 otherwise. But if you do, you may as well complete the package with the optional wireless extender ($150), which will let you use the touchscreen through walls. Sweet.

Logitech, via Gizmodo