Liquid-cooling system keeps your PC frosty

It's long been established that liquids and PCs don't play well together, but the newest exception to that rule is controlled cooling. At this week's CEDIA Expo in Denver, CoolIT Systems, maker of the USB beverage chiller, unveiled its first cooling system for Media Center PCs. Called the Home Theater PC (HTPC) Cooler, the self-contained system is designed to fit a traditional Media Center PC case in the space reserved for dual 3-inch fans, and can be configured to cool both the PC's CPU and graphics processor. The benefit of liquid cooling over traditional fans — aside from being more effective at reducing heat and thus preventing more shutdowns due to overheating — is that it produces far less noise. The hum from fans on Media Center PCs has been one of the reasons they haven't had much success among home theater enthusiasts. The HTPC Cooler is pre-plumbed, sealed, and according to CoolIT maintenance-free, which is great news since it would be pretty embarrassing to call a plumber to fix your computer.