JBL unveils 'Mt. Everest' speaker system

Now these are some speakers. JBL's new Mt. Everest speaker system lives up to its name, weighing in at a solid 313 pounds. Yes, at 8 x 18.5 x 44 inches, it's a monster, and you'll need a pretty serious receiver to power the 500-watt behemoth. What use could you possibly have for speakers this large? It's not like you'd use these as a PA system, as you can get loudspeakers designed to be hauled around and cranked up loud for significantly cheaper than this $30,000 setup. I guess that if you really, really want to impress your houseguests at your next gathering and you just need to crank your music up to 11, these can't be beat. Plus, this would go just great with your new 103-inch plasma TV. People with deep pockets and a love of ostentatious stereo products can line up to buy Mt. Everest in Japan starting on September 21st.

Impress, via Engadget