iTunes gets an upgrade: movies and games now available for download

Well, we might not have a true video iPod or an iPhone, but Apple gave us a few things to talk about during Steve Jobs' "It's Showtime!" event today. iTunes and the accompanying online store got an upgrade, both aesthetically and under the hood. As expected, the new movie store is now open for business, offering a range of Disney and Pixar flicks costing $9.99 each for older movies and $12.99 for new releases. Movies will be made available the same day its DVD comes out, and assuming you have a decent connection they should download in 30 minutes with viewing possible after the first minute of downloading. The resolution of both movies and the TV shows already for sale has been bumped up to 640 x 480 pixels, nearly DVD quality, which will allow for passable viewing on a TV. Also new on iTunes are games designed for the iPod including Tetris and Ms. Pac-man. Those will be going for $4.99 each, and to be honest make me way more excited than the movie store. I mean, hey, I can get movies for about that price on DVD that I can rip to my computer if I really want to, but games that you can play on the subway are harder to come by, at least without having to lug around a Nintendo DS or Sony PSP.

Apple, via Engadget