iPod shuffle rebuttal: the iriver S10

Mere hours after Apple debuted its all-new iPods, Asia-based iriver went for an in-your-face counterattack by announcing its S10 music player, which is about the size of the new iPod shuffle, just 0.4 inch thick. But the S10 bests its iPod rival by covering one side of itself with a 1.15-inch full-color OLED screen. No video playback, unfortunately, but the display along with a simple navigation system should make using the S10 a pleasure. Having a big, colorful screen will suck a player's battery life a little faster than normal, though, and the S10's lasts just 8 hours before dying — far from the greatest in the world, but not as bad as those video iPods either. It supports your standard audio formats (MP3, WMA, Ogg, ASF) and even has more storage space (a whole 2 GB) than the shuffle. But can it beat the baby iPod's bargain-basement price tag? No word on that — or a U.S. release — yet, but if Samsung's recent K5 player is any indication, Apple's rivals are wising up to the cost factor.

CNet Asia, via Gizmodo