Hitch lets you transfer files from your iPod easily, teaches you to dance for the ladies

The iPod has made sharing music with friends a much easier (and safer) experience, allowing you to bring your little music player over to a friend's place and bum tunes off of them without the risk of an RIAA lawsuit. However, it's a lot harder to get music from an iPod onto a computer other than its home base than it is to dump music onto an iPod. This handy file transfer device should make the process a lot easier. Known as Hitch, you simply hook up any two USB devices and it will quickly move over whatever files you want. It has a special music mode that lets you select individual songs, entire albums, or all music by an artist for transfer from your iPod. Hitch does play by the rules, however, allowing you to transfer DRM protected songs but not authorizing them to play without appropriate permission. It can also transfer files between any two USB computers, but that sounds too legal to be all that exciting. Hitch is available now for about $145.

Smarthome via Gizmos for Geeks