Hasselblad H3D camera lets you shoot from the hip

Now here's a big, beautiful camera that I wouldn't mind getting for my birthday next week. Now to be honest, part of the reason that I'd like to unwrap the Hasselblad H3D digital SLR happens to be that my Hasselblad is broken and I miss using that waist-level viewfinder dearly — it's nice to have when you want to maintain eye contact with whomever you're shooting. However, if you guys all chipped in and got it for me, I would be so jazzed that I'd probably want to shoot some photos at the party, and then I could pop on the eye-level viewfinder lickety-split. Just so you know, there are actually two models, with sensors either 39 or 22 megapixels (an average raw file on the larger model is 50 MB!). So, in short, this camera has viewfinder flexibility, huge image sensors (albeit not as big as the ones on that 160-megapixel Seitz cam), and a whole load of other features you can check out here. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find it for sale anywhere, and even if I could it would probably be in the $30k range. Well, I guess you guys could just get me something else.

Let's Go Digital, via Gizmodo