Get rid of oxygen and keep your wine fresh longer

As any good wino can tell you, oxygen is wine's worst enemy. It kills the flavor and makes saving the rest of the bottle for another night a less attractive option than just downing the whole thing now and making a fool of yourself. That's the reason… yeah. Anyhow, if you had this "Superior Oxygen Displacing Argon Gas Wine Vault" handy you wouldn't need to force that extra half bottle down in the name of flavor, as it sucks the O2 right out of the bottle, keeping it fresh for another time. Simply fit in the special cork and lay the bottle inside the vault — it can hold up to 14 of 'em — and let it take care of the rest. Now you won't have an excuse for killing an entire bottle in one sitting. It's available online now for $300.

Oxygen-sucking Wine Vault, via Luxury Launches