Food Underground: because milk tastes better when it's stored underneath your couch

We love us some illogical conceptual refrigerators here at SCI FI Tech, so we couldn't keep Haifeng Liu's underground icebox from you. People who dwell in tiny apartments might actually take a shine to this idea, as hiding your fridge in the floor clears up the precious square footage that's usually hogged by a traditional fridge. Then again, it's not like you can put any furniture on these, so the floor space is still hogged. From what I can deduce from the Engrish description, the cabinets only come up from the floor with some sort of fingerprint scan, keeping your luncheon meats out of the wrong hands. Once raised, the units can also function as a small tea table. I guess in theory this could be a cool idea, but good luck keeping the costs reasonable when you're talking about installing a refrigeration system under your floor.

Via Yanko Design