Diamonds may be forever, but what about TVs?

Ostentatious displays of wealth are nothing new, and while the old money crowd tends to stick with the traditional baubles and jewel encrusted cell phones, the high buck hip-hop bling community has moved on to diamond studded gold "grills" for your teeth. Now an Italian design company called Keymat Industrie has brought bling into the home by introducing the $130,000 Yalos Diamonds TV, which features a diamond studded white gold frame, holding at least 20 carats of the precious gems in its own "grill." Available in 26, 32, 37, 40 and 46 inch sizes, I doubt whether the fact that the screen maxes out at 1080i will concern potential customers like Jay-Z and Master P all that much. I just wonder if the diamonds can be removed in a couple of years when the technology on offer starts to seem like ancient history.