Audex hat keeps your ears warm, full of music

Winter is coming, and those white earbuds you sport so proudly are gonna freeze to your skin if you don't keep your noggin warm. Motorola and Burton have teamed up to combine the two things they do best to present the Audex Ordinance padded hat with built-in headphones. The headphones are Bluetooth, so you won't need to worry about cables getting caught up in your ski equipment, and they can also be set up to take calls on your phone. It's got a wind-resistant microphone for that purpose, making it easy to tell your friends how great the view is from the chairlift. The price for this fancy hat is a rather steep $180, but if you're always out on the slopes and want a way to listen to music and make calls without the hassle of cables and the discomfort of headphones under a hat, it's a pretty great solution.

Motorola, via Techie Diva