Zyb backs up your contacts online, free of charge

Losing the contacts from your phone is terrible, and while we've posted about gadgets designed to backup your phone data, even we are too cheap and lazy to buy them. We require something easier, something… freer. New service Zyb is just what the doctor ordered. Offering a free online backup service, Zyb downloads your contacts wirelessly from your phone, then stores them on its website. Taking it a step further, it can also download your calendar info and share both your contacts and calendar appointments with your friends. The best part of the whole thing is that it's totally free, and Zyb claims it will be free forever. The only fee that will ever apply is if you want to sync your calendar and contacts up with your iPod, Outlook, or MSN, which you can't even do yet so the fee has yet to be determined. Overall, this seems like a pretty sweet service. It works with over 200 phones, so you've got nothing to lose to go check to see if yours is supported now.

Zyb, via Popgadget