'Wireless' HDTV cleans up your wire clutter

Flat-panel televisions look great mounted on the wall, but in order to hang one up without a mess of wires hanging down from it you generally need to get the power drill out. This new Samsung SPD-50P7HDT 50-inch HDTV is "wireless," which will eliminate almost all of the wires that you need to hide to make your TV all pretty-like. I say almost because you still need to plug it into a wall socket to power it up, but otherwise it wirelessly connects to all of your home theater components. It comes with a box that you hook your DVD player, cable box, and things of that nature into, and that box wirelessly beams the video signal to the TV. So if you happen to be hanging your TV over an outlet already on the wall, you won't need to bust the drill out at all. Any way to reduce the rat's nest of cables that grows increasingly wild with every component you add to your home theater is okay with us, although this solution might not be worth the price: about $5,000. It's only available in Korea at the moment, but I'm sure we'll see similar items hit our shores eventually.

Via Akihabara News