Wet lamp lets you tempt fate, light up room

Normal lights are usually boring, and even some fancy lights just end up making a room ugly. What a light should do, really is pump up the sense of danger, giving the user the feeling that they're playing with life and death just trying to illuminate the room. How about adding some water to the mix? That'll do nicely. This wet lamp is a light bulb submerged in water, and in order to turn it on you slide a thin sliver rod into it. As it goes deeper, the light gets brighter. The website claims that the wet lamp is completely safe, but I'd feel better wearing rubber gloves if I was using a silver rod to turn on a light bulb submerged in water. I'm just saying. The wet lamp is available now online from $200 to $320, depending on how large you want it.

Wet Lamp, via Uncrate