Undersea hotel lets you sleep with the fishes

Since taking a vacation in space still looks to be a long way off for people who haven't been in boy bands, taking a vacation at the bottom of the ocean seems like the next best thing. Poseidon Resorts is looking to cash in on your desire to take a vacation to a place humans aren't physically equipped to survive, designing a hotel on the ocean floor. With more than 60% of the surfaces of the hotel transparent windows, you'll get great views of undersea life from wherever you are. Of course, if you can see out, they can see in, so you'd better get used to lecherous fish (and scuba divers) checking you out as you get changed. The hotel is currently being built off the coast of a private island in Fiji, with plans to open next year. They hope to start taking reservations in November, with prices estimated at $15,000 per week. Well, I guess it's cheaper than buying a personal submarine.

Poseidon Resorts, via Popgadget