Treadmill Bike will exercise your body, dignity

Staying fit is important to your physical health, and not having everyone around you laugh at you is important to your mental health. If you're worried only about the former, this treadmill bike is for you. Combining the awkward running in place of a treadmill with the outdoor mobility of a bike, the treadmill bike really struggles to justify its existence. After all, if the weather is good enough to exercise outside, why not just run or bike outside? Isn't a treadmill meant for running inside when you can't run outside? And just how maneuverable is a bike powered by a treadmill? Come on, people, think a little bit before you open yourself up to public ridicule. At least the people on the street won't know about the most embarrassing part of your poorly thought-out purchase: the price. This engineering blunder will set you back a solid $2,250. And if you didn't believe me about it looking ridiculous, check the video after the jump.

Treadmill Bike, via Oh Gizmo!