Transparent projector screen with built-in speaker will make you king of the office

If you want to impress pretty much everybody at your next sales meeting, this transparent projector screen with a built-in speaker is sure to wow everyone. First of all, it's transparent, which is pretty cool. You could conceivably hang it over a window or something, giving you the ability to do presentations or watch video on your window. Then there's the built-in speaker: it's actually an extremely thin layer that covers the entire screen, vibrating to create sound. Because the speaker is distributed across the entire surface, there's almost no directivity, so you can hear it from any direction. The screen measures a generous 46 inches (diagonal), meaning your precisely crafted PowerPoint presentations and lovingly selected clip art will be large and easy to see. The screen will be released in October in Japan and will run about $4,000. Not so bad for a 46-inch screen until you realize you'll need to buy a projector to actually make use of it.

Via New Launches