Smoking vaccine currently under development

While this may be a bit out of our normal fare, but we thought it was cool and important enough to share with you anyhow. We all have at least one friend or family member who smokes and can't seem to quit, no matter what they try. It may not be just because they're a lazy bum that lacks resolve — smoking addiction is a serious physical condition. Doctors may be about ready to start treating it as such, with a vaccine for nicotine addiction currently being tested. The vaccine would attack nicotine in the bloodstream the same way it would attack a germ, eliminating the pleasurable rush that keeps addicts hooked. It's a new method of helping people quit, much different than the patches, gum, and sprays that simply supply people with nicotine without all that harmful smoke. By denying smokers the pleasure that nicotine brings the hope is that the habit of smoking will feel more like what it really is: inhaling smoky clouds of deadly chemicals. Pfizer is planning on releasing Chantix, their version of a nicotine vaccine, any day now.