Skyacht 'personal' blimp takes off

While futuristic flying machines may be all the rage these days, mostly they don't really leave the prototype stage. This gigantic "personal" blimp, however, is set to take its first untethered flight later this month, flying off the drawing board and into gigantic garages everywhere. In development since 2002, the Skyacht uses hot air rather than helium to get the lift it needs, which will keep you from talking in a high-pitched voice while floating around. The hot air also makes it run quietly, so you won't wake anyone up as you drift over their homes in your 50-foot blimp. While the Skyacht was designed to be personal and practical, I'm not sure exactly how practical you can make a 50-foot blimp, but perhaps if you travel across a great open plain on your way to work it could be perfect for you.

Skyacht, via Engadget