Sirius Stiletto portable radio… with Wi-Fi!

Looks like Sirius is finally getting in the game of portable satellite radio (no, the S50 doesn't count since it has no built-in tuner), as these photos of the upcoming Stiletto can attest. Satellite Standard Group got a hold of the pics, which reveal an unsurprisingly iPod-influenced design — even more iPod-esque than competitor XM's Helix and Inno portables. And the folks at GSI (Get Sirius Info) have nigh-simultaneously posted a scan of the product sheet for the Stiletto. It's capable of recording 100 hours of Sirius programming, double that of the Helix, but that may be just because Sirius uses different audio compression than XM. But the Stiletto one-ups XM's portable offerings with Wi-Fi. No, you won't be checking e-mail on this thing, but you will be able to stream Sirius radio via the Internet over a Wi-Fi connection when you're in a zone that doesn't get Sirius reception (and is also a Wi-Fi hotspot, of course). Okay, Sirius, you've got our interest piqued, but we're still not sure about the $350 asking price. Maybe the $250 Stiletto 10 is the answer, but that'll only let us record 10 hours of Howard. How will we live!

GSI: Get Sirius Info and Satellite Standard Group, via Gizmodo