Self-playing violin is easier than taking lessons

If you've always wanted to impress your guests with your amazing violin-playing skills yet lacked the requisite musical talents you would need to do such a thing, this "Virtuoso" is the next best thing. A violin on a stand, the Virtuoso plays itself with a bow, no person necessary. No, there isn't a speaker inside playing violin music, the bow really is playing the strings to make the beautiful music. Developed in part by a NASA administrator who worked during the Apollo moon flights, it's not really clear what purpose this thing serves other than being impressive to look at — and listen to, presumably. From the $17,500 price tag, I would expect it to write its own Grammy-winning music as well as play it itself. But hey, the list price is $20,000, so really, $17,500 is a bargain. What are you waiting for? Check out the video after the jump if you need further convincing.

Virtuoso, via TechEBlog