Router with 160-GB drive is file-sharer's dream

When is a router more than a router? When it can hold 160 GB of files, act as an iTunes server, download files via FTP and BitTorrent, and act as an FTP server, all with your computer off. Yeah, we usually think wireless routers are pretty dull too, but this thing is downright awesome. With its built-in hard drive, the Asus WL-700gE can act as a file server for your entire home, sharing music via iTunes or just simply holding files everyone can access. If you're into downloading lots of stuff via BitTorrent and FTP clients (legally, right?), you won't need to leave your computer running all night anymore, as the router can download up to seven BitTorrent streams and ten FTP or normal Web HTTP downloads simultaneously. And hey, if you want to share files with people outside your network you can set up an FTP server on this thing too, not to mention host a website. You can load files onto the router without even using a computer as well: simply plug in a USB thumb drive and the files will automatically transfer over. Gimme gimme gimme! The king of all routers is available online now for about $260.

Asus WL-700gE, via Gizmodo