Qoolqee MP3 player: There's a new sheriff in town

Designed to be worn like a bright sonic badge signaling your authority in the township of sound, the Qoolqee X Sports MP3 player adds some rugged functionality to your music experience. Styled in either yellow, red, or blue with a black rubber casing, the Qoolqee player hanging off your ripped jean pocket may solicit a few admiring glares from your coworkers. Along with a capacity of 512 MB, and slightly clunky FM-radio capability (it doesn't remember stations), this iPod shuffle competitor from Korea also boasts support of MP3, WMA, WAV, and Linux formats. File transfers are easy through a USB 2.0 port, enabling the player to double as a makeshift storage device. Without an LCD screen, be prepared to give yourself up to the thrill of random play. Unfortunately, like the similar-size $8.50 MP3 player, this player isn't widely available in the U.S., so stateside consumers will have to decide whether it's worth it to pay $140 for the durability and privilege of use.

Via Boy's Stuff