Philips develops shameful LED fashion technology

Everyone knows that the coolest clothes have built-in electronics. All of the hottest fashions from Paris and Milan are starting to come equipped with flashing lights and music players stitched right into their couture duds. Wait a minute… no, I was wrong there. Electronics built into clothing is still horrifically dorky and should be avoided at all costs. Just look at this Philips Lumalive jacket. I mean, the guy has an @ sign on his back of all things! They aren't even pretending this isn't the nerdiest thing since the solar-powered radio visor. They have so little faith in this as a fashion statement they're claiming it has color therapy benefits, and though I'm no expert in the field, it seems unlikely that you'll receive any benefit from having colored lights on your back. Good Lord, Philips, let's think these things through a bit more before tossing photos up on the Internet for scrutiny next time, shall we?

Philips, via Orgismo