Panoptics creates real-time 3D layouts of buildings to track people inside

A security company by the name of Panoptics Systems has developed a security system that allows one to view, in real time, a three dimensional layout of large areas complete with the location of everyone there. Designed for use in places such as airports, casinos, and government buildings, the Panoptics system uses special 360-degree "OmniView" cameras to detect where people are, then creates a large 3-D model to display people's whereabouts for security agents. The cameras are able to differentiate between people and their surroundings, detecting where they are and how fast they are moving and then representing that in the model. The system also purports to be able to do facial recognition and connect people to background files in the system. The somewhat big-brotherish system hasn't been implemented anywhere yet, but as this sort of technology becomes cheaper and easier to impliment it's sure to become the norm at high security areas. Combine this with RFID tag tracking and I'll never want to go out in public again.

Panoptic Systems, via Gizmag