One Onkyo portable media player, hold the screen

It doesn't have a screen, so this new portable from Onyko isn't quite a portable media player as we know it; it would probably be more accurate to call it a transportable media player. Since there's no display, you can't watch on the go, but if you're in need of a quick, simple way to get your downloaded videos over to your TV, this is it. Not only will the player support virtually every format under the Sun (except for stuff you've downloaded from iTunes, of course), but the hookup gear includes a component-video cable, so your downloaded vids should look as good as a DVD (assuming the quality of the file was decent in the first place). Plus there's a full-function remote control, so once the little guy's connected, you can plunk down on your couch and enjoy. No word on hard-disk capacity or the price, but we'll likely get clued in on September 1 when the player makes its official debut.

Akihabara News, via Gizmodo