Nooka Zen Watch: Nirvana on your wrist

At first glance, I had a hard time discerning what this watch was trying to tell me. A Zen Koan perhaps? Following the modernist design maxim of "less is more," the Nooka Zen Watch illustrates time in a series of fragmented linear, digital bars. Beginning from top to bottom, hours are split into two 6-hour bars (the night and day of human life) while minutes and seconds get bars of their own. The casing is waterproof and molded from stainless steel while the strap is hewn from cracked black leather. With a standard alarm feature, mendicants can outwit their inner hunger clocks and wake up extra early to a day of fasting and rice. Am I taking the Buddhist parallel too far? While the ascetic among us will appreciate the free U.S. shipping, I imagine the retail price of $250 will be pretty hard to swallow for everybody.

Via Elsewares