New liquid armor to protect heroes' limbs, joints

A new technology in body armor is under development, one the Pentagon hopes to use to replace the cardboard "plz don't shoot" signs they've been equipping the troops with for the past couple years. Shear Thickening Fluid (STF) is a liquid armor that turns extremely hard and spreads itself out when punctured or struck with a high-velocity object, such as a bullet. Because of the liquid nature of the armor, it's very flexible and easy to wear, unlike the stiff, heavy armors currently in use. This allows it to provide a more complete coverage, protecting elbows and knees that were previously exposed. This flexibility makes STF armor versatile enough to be used in body armor, helmets, vehicles, bomb blankets, and other objects at high risk for getting shot/stabbed/exploded. The new technology should hopefully start seeing some use in the field by the end of this year… that is if there's still a war going on by then. Just kidding, of course there will be!

Via Gizmag