Motorized Ice Cream Cone provides lazy snacking

It's an all-too-common summer problem: exhausted and sweaty from your walk to the mailbox, you hunger for something cold. You want an ice cream cone, but you're worried about your ability to evenly distribute your appetite. With the Motorized Ice Cream Cone, your savior has arrived in molded plastic. Painted in white and detailed with black dairy-cow spots, this gyrating wonder uses the force of two AAs to slowly spin a tower of frozen cream before your outstretched tongue. With a removable, dishwasher-safe serving dish, clean up is quick and easy, as long as you remember to wear your bib. For the low price of $9, you can say goodbye to sticky drip lines and hello to a rich kingdom of laziness. In the name of a well-rounded meal, we can only hope that they adapt this incredulous invention to fit a turkey leg.

Perpetual Kid, via The Design Blog