Morpheus: colored light shows in your living room

If your idea of mood lighting is making your apartment look like some sort of second-rate rave, have we got a lamp for you. The Morpheus looks like a plastic egg of some sort, but once you turn it on it'll fill your walls with colors and patterns that'll totally change the ambience of the room. You can set it to display cool colors for the summertime, warm colors for the wintertime, or whatever colors you think will impress people at your next dinner party. Sticking it in front of an object, such as the plant shown, will make all sorts of crazy shadow designs, but if you want to just simply color a wall with light it can do that as well. Unfortunately, this is a bit pricey for a simple light if you're ordering from outside of the U.K.: about $122, plus shipping. A colored light bulb seems like it would be a cheaper solution, but you be the judge.

Morpheus, via Tech Digest