Money clip credit card ditches your fat wallet

As George Costanza can tell you, having a giant wallet can result in disaster, and it usually isn't of the hilarious nature that you find on sitcoms. No, a slim wallet makes for a happy ass, and your ass would love you if you picked up this Visa Money Clip. A brilliant combination of a money clip and a credit card, it allows you to carry around your plastic and a wad of cash without any extra bulk at all. While still a concept at the moment, this entry in a Visa design competition by Roger Arquer is so simple and would be such a cinch to make we can't imagine it not becoming a reality. And yeah, it might not be as slick as the C'ALL Future Phone, but it does have the benefit of being, you know, technologically possible to create rather than just a sweet Photoshop, so we give it a leg up.

Roger Arquer, via Yanko Design