Logitech Wireless DJ serves PC music to any room

One of the downsides of a digital music library is that you typically have to fire up your PC to manage your playlists or access your music, which is a total drag if you want to listen to your downloaded tunes in more than one room. But with new devices like Sonos's Wi-Fi system or this just-announced Logitech accessory, you can have your digital music at your fingertips no matter what room you're in. The Logitech Wireless DJ Music System ($250, available in October) still uses the PC as the central depository for all your digital music files, Internet radio stations, podcasts, and music services, but it puts command of them all in a single remote control, letting you access the music from up to about 150 feet away via Bluetooth 1.2.

The Wireless DJ works by connecting a transmitter to your PC via USB and a receiver to a stereo system in another room. The remote's onscreen display lets you browse playlists remotely, and it's compatible with most existing media-player software. It should serve up most music formats, including ripped and downloaded tracks or music from subscription services or Internet radio. A home network isn't required, and additional add-on receivers will be available at launch for $80 each, so up to four additional rooms can be connected to a single PC. The downside is you'll have one more remote control to misplace in the couch cushions, but that's a small price to pay for taking the PC out of your PC music.